Mike Brumley
Mike Brumley


Mike  Brumley
Director of Transportation

(270) 887-7099

Larry  Benskin
Safety Coordinator (270) 887-7099

Ken Whiteside
Fleet Manager  (270) 887-7099

Sandy Joiner
Project Clerk  (270) 887-7101

Debbie Stallons
Project Clerk  (270) 887-7101



Field Trip Request Form

The Christian County Public Schools Transportation Department is responsible for ensuring that all students arrive at school safely and are returned home safely at the end of the day. To meet that task, a team of 100 bus drivers operate nearly 120 buses more than 2 million miles every year.

In order to join our team, bus drivers must have a commercial driver's license with a school bus and passenger endorsement. In addition, our drivers receive regular safety training from both local department leaders and a third-party examiner who is certified through the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.
Field Trip Request Form must be filled out prior to the date of your scheduled trip.
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Inclement Weather- School Closing Procedure

Here are a few guidelines that may help to give you and others in the community a better understanding of the process we go through when weather is severe enough to possibly call off/dismiss school… just in time for the cooler weather!

Q – What is the process for calling off school?

A – First, we gather the most accurate information possible including the anticipated time the snow will begin. We check the weather channel, radar, various forecasts as well as the National Weather Service to monitor the forecast hour by hour. In addition, we check the air temperature and the road temperature to anticipate icing conditions. Christian County is a fairly large district, which is why CCPS staff physically checks roads from one side of the county to the other.

Q – If the roads are becoming snow covered, what happens next?

A – Our transportation team will drive through different zones throughout the county and confer on the conditions. Phone calls are made to districts in the direction of the snow in order to more accurately match the prediction and timing of the snow with the actual conditions. Discussions also occur between neighboring districts. This decision–making process begins approximately between 3:30 and 4:30 a.m. By approximately 5 a.m., the transportation director and Superintendent review all factors and determine if we should close or delay. Phone calls are made to all radio and TV stations as well as the bus drivers. By approximately 5:15 a.m. An “Infinite Campus Messenger Call,” which is designed to call all phones numbers (approximately 10,000) within 15 to 20 minutes. If you have NOT received any calls this school year from the school system and you are a parent or legal guardian of a CCPS student, please contact your child's school to be added to the Infinite Campus database.

Q – How will CCPS notify parents and students that we have decided to call off school for the day?

A: ·         WHOP, WKDZ and the Kentucky New Era
·         News Channel 2, 4 5 and Fox 17 TV stations
·         Infinite Campus Message calls are sent to parents/guardians
· and you can sign up for text messages through the website using the “Notify Me” link
·         Don’t forget to the stay updated through the district’s Facebook & Twitter pages: Christian County Public Schools.
·         Lastly, the public may call the district’s school closing hotline at (270) 707-1900

Q – What if the snow has not started by 5 am?

A – Timing is the most difficult aspect of this decision. We transport approximately 6800 students over 8700 miles each day. It takes us approximately three hours to get our students home (longer if there is inclement weather). Early school dismissal creates a hardship for our working parents and a risk that many of our students may be home unsupervised. We want to get our high school student drivers on the road as soon as possible before the weather worsens. We also coordinate with Christian County’s Crisis Management Coordinator, Mr. Graham. The amount of quality instruction time is also a consideration.

Q –If we’ve already been out of school, how is the decision made regarding the return to school?

A – Our transportation team checks all questionable roads. We consider the late afternoon road conditions and anticipate the morning conditions based on the temperature. If conditions are questionable, we have the option to run on a one or two hour delayed schedule.

These decisions are tough and we know people won’t always agree with them. We value our instructional time, but the safety of our children is most important. We will always err on the side of caution.