Instructional Department


Jessica Addison
Director of Instruction



Johnna Brown                                  Administrative Secretary                    270-887-7016 

Michelle Walden                              Instructional Supervisor (K-6)   

Kadi Ralston                                  Instructional Supervisor (7-12)           

Zachary Hibbs                                      District Assessment Coordinator

Sandra Hancock                                    Student Transition Coordinator



Lea Brumfield
Gifted and Talented Teacher



Instructional Coaches   

Heather Armentrout
Jettie Payne
Melinda Schmitt
Connie Rogers



Kaitlynne Bolinger

School Readiness Coordinator

Anita Armstrong

Reading Recovery Teacher Leader





The Instructional Division is responsible for providing high quality instruction to all students in Christian County to ensure academic proficiency and a successful transition to life. We strive to meet the needs of every student everyday by supporting teachers in their journey to develop high achieving learners. 

The Vision of Christian County Public Schools is to transform the educational environment to meet the ongoing demands of 21st Century learning so that all students are engaged in a high quality, equitable education and prepared for community and global responsibilities. We do that creating the structures and systems for learning that will allow all students to demonstrate high and/or steadily improving achievement with equitable outcomes for all students. ALL means ALL.

The mission of the instructional division is to ensure that ALL students receive a rigorous and equitable education from exemplary teachers in schools led by effective principals.